Rae Dunn is a California native and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design and worked in graphics and fashion design for several years before discovering clay, a passion since 1994. Rae is an accomplished ceramicist, artist, designer, and author.

Her inspiration comes from the earth and she finds beauty in simple shapes, natural forms, and found objects. Her work captures the simplicity and playfulness that are the cornerstones of her own life.Β  A classical pianist, and frequent world traveler, Rae has been influenced by many cultures and artistic pursuits. Her work is deceivingly straightforward.

β€œIn my own way, I am driven to find that balance between expressing something that is deeply meaningful to me, and creating a sense of joy that might quietly touch the lives of others. Today, more than ever, I think we all need to slow down and grasp that which is honest, real, and personally satisfying. I try to express those feelings in all of my work.”